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Revael Trainees is an intelligent system for legal HR professionals and trainees, that uses award-winning AI to automate and optimise the placement of trainees throughout their training contracts. A more effective preference-based system where trainees are connected to seat allocations that match their strengths and the firm’s business demands — removing bias and human error from the selection process.

Principles of Revael Trainees

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For Firms

  • Happier Trainees

  • More impact from Trainee Development team

  • Scientific approach to Training Contract evolution

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For Trainees

  • Transparency

  • Fairness

  • More influence over planning your early career


 Easy-to-use interface

Trainees can easily manage their preferences and previous experience, while administrators update the number of available places in each practice area and track trainee preferences.

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Feedback about your training program

Get the best out of trainees by forecasting trainee supply and demand, analysing different seat combinations, and giving supervisors the ability to track trainees’ development.


DEVELOPED In collaboration with 4 LEADING LAW FIRMS

Benefits for Training Principals

  • Advance your training program using data insights
  • Improve your Employee Brand through compelling tech innovation
  • Track your trainees' experiences to meet Solicitors Regulation Authority requirements

Benefits for Legal HR Teams

  • Automate the administrative work involved with new trainees
  • Keep your trainees motivated and engaged
  • Increase NQ retention

Benefits For Trainees

  • Take control of your career with a transparent and impartial seat allocation process
  • Influence the seats you are allocated with careful planning and strategy rather than good fortune