Discover the why

Truly understand your HR data and you’ll truly solve your HR problems. Say hello to Revael Insights.


What is Revael Insights?

Revael Insights is an intelligent algorithmic platform which synthesises internal and publicly available data. It generates actionable people insights and automated talent reports — all in a simple, easy-to-use interface.


What will you get?


— Automated reports

Take the hassle of out of monthly, quarterly and annual report time. Revael Insights allows HR professionals to see attrition rates, headcount costs, pipelines and more with a single click.

— Complete data solutions

No data? No problem. Our award-winning system aggregates over 1,000 public data sources and creates tailored datasets to fill any gaps or conflicts in an organisation’s information.

— Analysis that drives change

Gain access to an analytic dashboard for real-time talent insights that would be otherwise impossible — as well as easy-to-digest visualisations and presentations that communicate clearly to all parts of an organisation.

How we do it


Sort & enhance data

Our award-winning technology cleans and aggregates your data across your organisation. It then enhances it with our publicly curated data sets to add unparalleled insights.

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Analysis powered by AI

Your data is pushed through thousands of proven analyses, picking up relevant and powerful insights, adding context and narrative.

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Impactful insights

Each analysis is tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated team of Talent Scientists ensures that insights are impactful and actionable. Your team can focus on what matters: advancing company talent strategy and improving operations.


For business leaders

  • Use data analysis to advance your organisation’s talent strategy

  • Improve operations and performance

  • Build your competitive advantage with a proactively led HR agenda

For strategy teams

  • Build a culture of data-centric decision-making

  • Save time and resources creating reports