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We help organisations analyse their HR data with powerful AI tools. Our mission is to help you understand your people. Because people have the power to change everything.


How we can help

In a world of anecdotes, you need answers. We’ll find them. (1).png


HR data is messy. We help organise and automate your HR data, adding third party data for an even clearer picture. (2).png


Using our proprietary AI tools, we uncover the beautiful truth to solve problems big and small. Or we can make tools bespoke for you.


We turn data into sense. Receive simple visualisations and actionable insights, delivered with a friendly smile and human touch.

 AI tools designed for legal HR professionals

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Revael Insights

Revael Insights is a intelligent algorithmic platform that combines many different data sets to discover powerful insights. Plug your HR data in to instantly see patterns and automate reports.

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Revael Lawyers

See a snapshot of the legal talent market with a single tap, thanks to Revael Lawyers. Break it down by gender, age, experience and more - this is your partner in the search for the right partners and lawyers for your firm.

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Allocating seats to legal trainees can be tough. Ruth makes it easy to pick and place trainees in your firm according to their strengths, and auto rotate them for a more well-rounded experience.

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