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Using advanced data, AI and people analytics, we help organisations discover powerful insights about their people and potential talent.


"I am fortunate to get to spend a lot of time with tech start-ups in the people analytics field, and have been really impressed with Aspirant Analytics. Their technology and insights really standout and are driving real change in how their customers make talent-related decisions from recruitment through to development and career planning."

David Green - People Analytics leader and former Global Director of People Analytics Solutions at IBM Watson Talent


HR data can be messy

It’s often challenging for organisations to gather meaningful information about the people they employ (or want to employ).

But when done right, confident decisions can be made that have the power to transform an organisation from the inside-out.

Revael Insights
Discover the truth. An intelligent algorithmic platform which synthesises internal and public data to generate proven-to-work insights and reports.

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Our solutions

Impactful insights delivered in a simple and beautiful way — our breakthrough solutions have been recognised by the British Government, winning an Innovate UK Grant

Revael Lawyers
Seek the sharpest. A dynamic knowledge-base of legal talent, for recruiters, strategists, and diversity teams.
Revael Trainees
Bring out potential. A system for legal HR professionals to automate and optimise the placement of their trainees.
Revael Capital
A global, dynamic database of Funds, VCs and PEs.


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