Leadership Team

JASON KU  Founding Partner & CEO


Jason has a unique mix of technology, consulting and talent acquisition expertise. Prior to founding Aspirant, Jason was a manager with McKinsey & Co., serving companies in the US, Europe and APAC on management topics. Before that, Jason had hands-on experience in technology, leading software development at Bloomberg L.P.

Driven by his passion, Jason led recruitment in both Bloomberg and McKinsey; two of the most advanced human capital companies in the world.

Jason has an MBA from INSEAD and undergraduate honour degrees in Computer Science, Economics and Mathematics.

Jason is fluent in Mandarin and loves classical music. He plays violin in his spare time.

VERA LEVITSKAYA Founding Partner

Vera is passionate about cultural insights, psychology and social sciences. Throughout her career, she has managed 100+ research projects across the globe and led international teams spanning 20 countries. These experiences have given her unique insights into the elements that drive effective individual and group performance across different cultures and functions.

Vera is an INSEAD leadership course alum, has a Master's degrees in Marketing and Management from ESCP and is well-versed in several languages.

She is a dedicated ashtanga yoga practitioner and continuously studies oriental philosophy.

HOK-HIM POON Founding Partner

Hok-Him is a full stack developer with over 8 years of experience in building robust mission critical systems. Throughout his career, he delivered innovative solutions with great focus on user experience, which yielded measurable productivity gains.

After graduating from Cambridge University with a Masters degree in Computer Science, Hok-Him took technical leadership roles at Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg LP, where he also managed recruitment and hiring efforts.

Hok-Him is bilingual in English and Cantonese and speaks Mandarin to working proficiency. He is passionate about rock climbing and mountaineering. He is also a keen violin player and performs regularly in amateur symphony orchestras.






Maintain an inquisitive mind to challenge common wisdom with hard evidence

Remain constructively discontent and relentlessly improve everything we do

Strive for simplicity and beauty amidst complexity

Never lose sight of the greater purpose

Be courageous, try new things, and evolve quickly

Actively share lessons learned to advance our clients, ourselves and our communities

Develop one another through feedback, mentorship and coaching

Foster a diverse, inclusive environment based on respect and mutual understanding

Look after the health and well-being of our selves and our community

Put client impact first

Do what we say we will do

Stay independent and tell the truth as we see it

Own the quality of our work and stake our reputations on it